U-Turn Works is an alternative co-operative education program designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in exploring the workplace and who want to earn credits toward their OSSD. Prerequisites for this program include prior success in the Core U-Turn program and successful completion of Grade 10 Career Studies. The program is offered on a continuous intake basis and length of stay in the program will be dependent upon successful completion of program expectations. Typically, students earn four credits a semester when enrolled at U-Turn Works.

Student – Employer Testimonials

We have had co-op students in the past, and this was our first year working with U-Turn Works.  The student who was placed with us is the best co-op student we’ve ever had!

Co-op employer

I think I have changed and a lot of it has to do with my experience working in Co-op.

Co-op student

I’m in co-op now. I love it! It doesn’t feel like a job to me—I can’t wait to see how much people like what I’ve created!

Food services co-op student

Through co-op I have learned that I play the biggest role in how thing turn out for me. I am the boss of my life and I and responsible for the decisions I make.

Co-op student

While doing co-op I realized how hard people work everyday and how important it is that I choose a career that I love and not just settle for whatever comes along.

Co-op student

Having co-op students from U-Turn Works has allowed me to hone my planning and leadership skills. Also, being a mentor to such eager students has been incredibly rewarding!

Co-op placement supervisor

How We Work

This program is delivered through a number of experiential learning approaches.

  • Workplace training
  • Co-op placements in local businesses
  • Workplace oriented field trips

After the Program

Upon completion of the program students will be supported to enter into one of the following:

  • Mainstream school
  • Workplace employment
  • Community employment programs

Students in U-Turn Works experience success because:

Flexible program options allow students and co-op employers to agree to individualized co-op plans that suit both the student and employer, (i.e. students/employers can choose an a.m., p.m.,or all day co-op placement).

Students earn credits quickly because a credit is granted for every 110 hours of co-op work.

Weekly workshops called ‘integration sessions’ offer training to students in areas such as Workplace Etiquette, Time Management, Stress Management, Decision Making and more!

Community resources and events like visits to Employment Ontario centres, job fairs, and workplace-oriented conferences and training are offered to students.

Employers want to work with U-Turn Works students because:

U-Turn Works students are serious about success. Students see co-op as their gateway or path to employment.  Most U-Turn Works students intend to seek full-time work and apprenticeships upon completion of their schooling.

Co-op employers can delegate tasks and projects to co-op students and achieve a win-win result–saving time and offering mentorship and valuable experience all at once!

Employers can reduce recruitment and training costs by hiring co-operative education students who have successfully completed a placement with the company.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Coverage is provided by the Ministry of Education.

Ongoing, consistent and timely support is provided by U-Turn Works co-operative education teachers to students and employers.

U-TURN works