A blue sky, sunglasses on the sand, with the words summer spelled out in scrabble tiles in front on the sand.Active Participation: Fun Games and Challenges

For our final challenges and games day of the year, you will have a choice of three different activities! Depending on your mood, your energy level today, or your interest, pick an activity that motivates you!

Remember: summer has arrived, so if it is a nice day, you can always just play outside. You don’t need any special equipment to be active. You can go for a walk, play shadow tag, run, jump, skip, anything that gets your body moving is beneficial to your health!

Whatever you choose, have fun and keep moving all summer long!

If you want to try a few challenges on your own, or with a partner, here are a few for you to try. If they inspire you, you may want to create your own challenge! Enjoy!