• reflect on personal experiences captured in your writer’s notebook

The Learning Task

March 13, 2020 was the last day we were physically in schools this school year. At the time, we did not know that day would be the last time in our school home.

Your first intermediate literacy prompt in March asked you to create a place for reflection and respond to the following prompts in a writer’s notebook daily:

  • Capture how this virus has disrupted your school year—including sporting events, concerts, assemblies, dances, other
  • Discuss how your daily life has been impacted-in positive, neutral and negative ways
  • Share the effect it has had on your friends and family
  • Record what you notice and appreciate in your life that you might not have before
  • Consider how you might have changed because of this experience
  • Indicate what you have learned in the last days and weeks

Reread what you have written over the last 14 weeks and reflect on what you wrote. How does your writing make you feel? What personal growth is captured by your words? How has the process of daily writing helped you through this unexpected life event? What have you learned about yourself as a writer?

Please consider daily writing over the summer months.