Spring 2020

The courses listed below are subject to change or cancellation due to insufficient registration.

Grade 11

Course Subject
CGG30I Travel and Tourism
ENG3EI English (Workplace)
ENG3CI English (College)
ENG3UI English (University)
MBF3CI Math – Foundations (College)
MCR3UI Math – Functions (University)
MEL3EI Math (Workplace)
SBI3UI Biology
SCH3UI Chemistry

Grade 12

Course Subject
ENG4CI English (College)
ENG4UI English (University)
ENG4EI English (Workplace)
MAP4CI College and Apprenticeship Math
MCT4CI Math for Technology
MCV4UI Calculus and Vectors
MDM4UI Data Management
MEL4EI Math (Workplace)
MHF4UI Advanced Functions
OLC4OI Literacy Course
SBI4UI Biology
SCH4UI Chemistry
SPH4UI Physics