Registration Form 2019-20 – Credit Recovery

Changes to Credit Recovery for Summer School 2019

(as of May 27, 2019)

The model for the delivery of credit recovery courses is changing at summer school to better align with Growing Success and student success.

The new model will allow students to recover credits in a Student Success Room environment.

  • Students will be required to meet the expectations, as identified on the Credit Recovery Recommendation form, in order to earn the credit.
  • The earliest start date for credit recovery courses will be on Thursday July 4, 2019.
  • Students will be contacted by Summer School staff on either Tuesday July 2 or Wednesday July 3, regarding their summer school start date.
  • Successful completion of credit recovery courses is based on the student meeting the course curriculum expectations.
  • Attendance: The expectation is that students in credit recovery courses will attend full days, until the completion of their courses.

SJAM and Jacob Hespeler

Students that are in the HHSS, GRCI and ECI boundaries will attend JHSS

  • CGC 1DR (Gr.9 Geography Academic)
  • CGC 1PR (Gr.9 Geography Applied)
  • CHC 2DR (Gr. 10 History Academic)
  • CHC 2PR (Gr. 10 History Applied)
  • CHV 2OR Civics (*See note above)
  • GLC 2OR Careers (*See note above)
  • ENG 1DR (Gr.9 English Academic)
  • ENG 1PR (Gr.9 English Applied)
  • ENG 1LR (Gr. 9 English Locally Developed)
  • ENG 2DR (Gr. 10 English Academic)
  • ENG 2PR (Gr.10 English Applied)
  • ENG 2LR (Gr. 10 English Locally Developed)
  • ENG 3CR (Gr.11 English College Prep)
  • ENG 3UR (Gr. 11 English University Prep)
  • ENG 4CR (Gr. 12 English College Prep)
  • ENG 4UR (Gr. 12 English University Prep)
  • MFM 1PR (Gr.9 Math – Applied)
  • MPM 1DR (Gr. 9 Math Academic)
  • MAT 1LR (Gr. 9 Math Locally Developed)
  • MFM 2PR(Gr. 10 Math Applied)
  • MPM 2DR (Gr. 10 Math Academic)
  • MAT 2LR (Gr. 10 Math Locally Developed)
  • MBF 3CR (Gr. 11 Math Foundations for College)
  • MCF 3MR (Gr. 11 Math Functions/Applications -College/University Prep)
  • MCR 3UR (Gr. 11 Math Functions – University Prep)
  • MAP 4CR (Gr. 12 Apprenticeship Math – College Prep)
  • SNC 1DR (Gr.9 Science Academic)
  • SNC 1PR (Gr.9 Science Applied)
  • SNC 2DR (Gr.10 Science Academic)
  • SNC 2PR (Gr. 10 Science Applied)