Summer School Co-op 2019 Overview

2-credit Summer School Co-op is the only option available for students in 2019.  Students MUST complete an on-line application under the supervision of their guidance counsellor (a current CCS is very helpful to complete this process).  

The link to apply is:

(Note: You must use Chrome as your browser and log into your GAFE account)

You are encouraged to connect with Grade 10 (prospective) SHSM students to offer them the opportunity to participate in Summer School Co-op, as well as Grade 11 students in SHSM who do not yet have Co-op in their course selection for 2019/2020.  

DCO 3OC will be the default credit; however, if a student has already completed this code, their summer school co-op credits will be attached to a related course.


Summer School Co-op

(Deadline to apply is Thursday, April 4, 2019, 12:00 NOON)

This concentrated Co-op Program is suitable for students who are:

  • in a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program
  • unable to fit Co-op into their day-school schedules
  • dedicated to gaining experience before applying to post-secondary institutions
  • highly committed to working and learning on the job

Mandatory Requirements:

1) Attend Interview: Saturday, April 13 (8:30-3:00) OR Tuesday, April 16 (3:00-7:00) at the Education Centre

2) Attend In-Class Pre-Placement Days:

Saturday, April 27; Saturday, May 11; Saturday, June 1;

    8:30 am – 3:00 pm at either NORTH or SOUTH locations (t.b.d.)

3)  Attend Co-op Placement:

Weekdays, July 2-5; July 8-12; July 15-19; July 22-26

4) Complete and Submit Required Assignments (in-class and online blended)

Anytime from Saturday, April 27 – July 25

Applicants will be required to bring the following items to their initial co-op interview:

  • Signed Parent/Guardian-Student Informed Consent Form (available for download/printing at link and also attached to the Summer School Co-Op Email)
  • Credit Counselling Summary (available from guidance counsellor)
  • Current resumé

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Summer School Co-op, please contact either member of the team @ 519-570-0003 – Callie Sockett ext. 4623 (application process) or Becky Zettl ext. 4367 (SHSM related questions)