What is ESU4i?

ESU4i serves adults with developmental disabilities.  ESU4i is a skills development program in communication (reading, writing and speaking) and numeracy (math) at a pre-high school level. The purpose of the ESU4i is to help adults with developmental disabilities reach their goals related to further training, employment, or independence.

Students participate in individually designed learning experiences focusing on:

  • the upgrading of basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • the practical context in which these skills will be employed
  • the expressed needs and interests of the adults themselves

Who is eligible for ESU4i?

The ESU4i is for developmentally disabled adults over 21. There are two basic requirements for admission to ESU4i:

  • The adult should be able to profit from instruction in basic numeracy and communications (based on teacher assessment).
  • The adult must be physically autonomous and possess the capacity for independent action.

For more information about eligibility criteria contact:  519 885 4356 x224

How much does ESU4i cost?

The ESU-Modified program is FREE!

Where and when are ESU4i classes held?

ESU4i classes are held at 151 Weber Street South, Waterloo.  Classes are held Monday and Wednesday 4:15 to 6:15 and Friday from 9:00am to 11:30am.

How to Register

Enrollment in ESU4i is continuous throughout the school year.
For more information about registering, contact:  519-885-4356  x224