*To be confirmed for 2022/23

Class Descriptions

Reuters Campus

Plumbing: This course will introduce students to the basic tools, materials, equipment, methods and current regulations as they relate to the residential plumbing field. Students will demonstrate the basic ability to identify, select and install common plumbing piping materials and fixtures. This course will introduce students to the Ontario Building Code relating to Plumbing. Students will use the current regulations to install typical residential fixtures and associated piping and venting.

Welding: This course will introduce the student to the basic concepts of Oxy-Fuel Welding (OFW), Brazing (OFB) and Cutting (OFC), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). Theory class will cover the safe setup and working practices of these processes as well as introduce the student to the fundamental concepts involved in each process operation. The shop component will see the student implement safe working practices along with skills development in the area of OFW, OFB, OFC, SMAW. Students will practice the butt, lap and t-joint on mild steel using the above welding processes.

Carpentry (Interior): Description coming soon.

Carpentry (Exterior): Description coming soon.

Waterloo Campus

HVAC: Description coming soon.

Electrical: This course is designed to introduce the students to the basics of residential electrical installations. Students will take part in both theoretical and practical studies to provide them with the basic knowledge of the skills, and safety procedures required for proper electrical installations. The residential, commercial, and industrial sectors will be discussed along with approaches needed to complete small scale electrical projects. The focus of the course will expose the students to the importance of quality, workmanship, and career opportunities within the electrical field.

Masonry: This option will be delivered in a 6 week block (September-October).  May only suit COOP students.


  • Students who choose this program will choose two courses from the college offerings.  Note: some classes are held at the same times so students may have to adjust their choices.  We will do our best to get students their first and second choices.
  • Tools and equipment are provided
  • Students are provided with their first pair of safety glasses
  • Students will need CSA Green Triangle patch safety footwear
  • Classes are primarily shop time (hands-on) with some accompanying theory