Class Descriptions

Waterloo campus

Carpentry Theory: Students will be introduced to the field of carpentry by studying the history, origins, and background of the carpentry trade. Common hand and power tools used in carpentry in the residential, industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) sectors will be discussed along with approaches needed to complete small-scaled carpentry projects. Topics will also include quality, craftsmanship, career opportunities in carpentry, skills, and knowledge needed to be a successful carpenter, and the industry expectations for entry into the field.

Carpentry Practise: Students will apply the theory studied in Carpentry Theory in a shop environment through hands-on practice and by completing small-scale carpentry projects. Students will be instructed on the proper use of common carpentry tools such as circular saws and hand planes; and stationary tools like table saws. Students will practice safe use of the common tools encountered on a construction site specifically related to the Carpentry field. In addition, students will complete drawings/specifications and apply math/problem-solving skills typically encountered in the Carpentry trade to solve common carpentry problems. Students will be expected to interact with others in a professional manner consistent with industry best practices.


  • February – April (COOP through student’s home school)
  • May – June (class days and times TBD)