Class Description

Cambridge Campus

Intro to Mechatronics: This course teaches foundational information and develops hands on skills in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, and Control Technology. Students will develop competencies to operate and maintain pneumatics, electricity, sensors, actuators, and controls. Utilizing real-world automation devices students will also gain additional skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). An introduction to creating logic (coding) on a PC using multiple programming languages, will help the students to maintain and setup equipment. Integration of micro-controllers and Programmable Logic Controller’s (PLC) with the mechanical, electrical, and control technologies will ensure students have a solid overview of how various forms of equipment operate in an automated environment.

In this course, students will have the opportunity to earn the Introduction to Mechatronics certification from NC3/FESTO. FESTO is a world leader in automation and technical education.

Intro to Robotics: This course is designed expose students to the various types of robots and the various ways they can increase productivity in industrial applications. While these robots can replace low skilled human tasks, they require people with technical skills to program, operate and maintain them. Introduction to coding, as it pertains to robots, will allow the students to read and understand various forms of “languages” used in automation. Upon completion of this course, student will have worked with various types and brands of robots – learning how to program, teach positions, and work safely with these critical elements of modern industrial automation equipment.

Students will have the opportunity to earn the Universal Robot – Core certification from Universal Robots (UR). UR is a world leader in collaborative robots and leader in innovative applications for robots.



  • Tools and equipment are provided
  • Students are provided with their first pair of safety glasses
  • Students will need CSA Green Triangle patch safety footwear