*These options can change from year to year

Class Description

Principles of Pipe Fitting and Plumbing: In this course, students will discuss the basic types of piping, piping connections, supports, drainage devices, and insulation. Students will learn to sketch and describe standard valve designs, piping arrangements and steam system pressure-reducing valves. The student will apply skills of typical valve maintenance requirements and the operation of specialized boiler valves.

Cabinetmaking: The student will explore basic cabinet design and construction procedures in accordance with government safety regulations and industry standards. Students will learn to work safely within government standards and equipment manufacturer’s recommendations.


  • Tools and equipment are provided
  • Students are provided with their first pair of safety glasses
  • Students will need CSA Green Triangle patch safety footwear


February – June (subject to change)
9:00-12:00 Piping
12:30-3:30 Cabinet

Campus Information

Doon Campus

    • Doon Campus 299 Doon Valley Drive Kitchener, ON
    • DRIVING: You should park in the ‘Orange’ Parking Lots (#1, 3, 4).  You will receive a FREE parking pass.
    • TRANSIT: Use GRT Trip Planner.  The best stop is 1732 – Conestoga College Doon Campus – Door 3