In WRDSB Alternative Education, our goal is to increase opportunities for student success in a flexible alternative learning environment. We provide an educational setting for students who have become disengaged with the traditional school setting. In Alternative Education, we focus on student achievement by creating an invitational learning environment in which each student has a variety of opportunities to develop their potential. We do this by connecting students with an education pathway in an alternative setting, and by preparing them to transition to their community school.

We endeavor to establish a culture of accomplishment for students through caring, mutual respect, co-operation and self-discipline. Students are encouraged to reach for their potential through skill development and academic achievement.

Ours is a student-centered philosophy based on the belief that every student desires to learn and become a responsible person. Alternative Education teachers use a variety of instructional methods designed to meet the academic needs of students. Our staff are dedicated to working individually and in groups to address the academic, social and emotional needs of our students.

Referrals to Alternative Education Programs are accepted on an on-going basis through the home school administrative team.