Director jeewan chanicka was recently featured as a special guest on the SpeakUP! International Inc. podcast.

jeewan chanicka’s Blueprint for Inclusive Academic Excellence and Community Empowerment

In the podcast, Director chanicka shares his insights about:

  • Complexities of promoting culturally responsive leadership
  • Moving beyond resiliency to creating conditions for students to thrive
  • Importance of prioritizing marginalized students in curriculum design

He highlights the progress Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) has made over the past three years and the impact a human rights-embedded approach has on student outcomes. “We are starting to see [WRDSB] graduation rates go up, our [academic] scores go up, and suspensions and expulsions go down,” says chanicka.

Whether it’s building a team that reflects the diversity of WRDSB students or creating a framework for organizational and systemic change, Director chanicka has made it his mission to foster equitable education. In spite of the challenges and resistance he faces, he believes each student deserves success, no matter who they are.

“The commitment I have made as the Director to the staff, families, and most importantly, the [students] is we will rewrite public education from right here in WRDSB.”

Listen to the podcast to learn how his experiences in past roles in social services and education have shaped his leadership and the difference it is helping to make for all the students served by WRDSB.

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