The WRDSB “outooredguys” decided that it was time to have a forum through which we can share some of the natural history news that we regularly do amongst ourselves, and occasionally with others through the Coffee Shop forum of WaterWorks. So here we are…

The Outdoor Education Specialists – as we are officially known – are, alphabetically by Centre:

Peter Rasberry at Blair
Al Woodhouse at Camp Heidelberg
Sean McCammon at Laurel Creek
Levi Moore at Wrigley Corners

This week alone we have shared reports of northern finches irrupting into southern Ontario as a result of poor seed crops in the north; a sighting of one of the first of the bald eagles that regularly winter along the Grand River; the migration of whooping cranes – both the raised-in-captivity, ultralight-led eastern flock, and the wild western flock; and an amazing photo by Sean of a robber fly that had captured a large dragonfly – usually it’s the other way around!!

So bookmark us and come back to see what’s going on in our world; ask us questions; and learn a little more from the “outdooredguys”…