Winter 2022

The Outdoor and Environmental Education specialists have been hard at work despite the continued uncertainty of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Here are some of our projects and initiatives:

  • Monarch Waystations – We have been enlisting students to help plan & install these pollinator habitats at school sites throughout 2021-2022.  Wildflower seeding and waystation installation is expected to continue into the 2022 growing season.
  • Virtual Field Trips – The Outdoor and Environmental Specialists have been working with remote learning teachers to offer virtual field trip experiences to their classes.  During school shut-downs, we also reach out to impacted in-person classes to offer these opportunities while students are learning from home.
  • Video Resources – We continue to develop content for teachers to share with their classes on a variety of environmental topics.  Our Youtube Page is the best place to find all our videos in one place.  Not sure where to start?  Try the Songs Playlist to watch original songs like “Birds are Everywhere” and “Animal Town”.
  • Schoolyard Learning – Throughout the pandemic, it has not yet been possible for students to visit the nature centres for in-person field trips.  In lieu of hosting these nature-immersive field trips, our team has been supporting schoolyard learning by providing in person schoolyard programs at our school sites and by developing locally relevant resources that teachers can use to enhance outdoor learning at their school sites.

Resources for schoolyard  and remote learning

We have collected a number of our winter outdoor learning resources in one place.  Teachers and students can use these resources to connect with nature in their schoolyard and in their neighbourhoods.

Wildlife Tracking Key

Click here to download a pdf of our wildlife tracking key.

Wildlife Tracking Scavenger Hunt

Click here to download a pdf of our wildlife tracking scavenger hunt.


Winter Birds ID Key

Click here to download a copy of our Winter Bird ID Key.

Winter Tree ID Key

Ever wondered how to identify a tree species in winter?  Look no further than our twig key.

We have chosen to focus on species that occur frequently at school sites and in residential areas in Waterloo Region.  Our twig key is available as a 4 page pdf that can be printed and taken outside.  We recommend printing double sided on thick paper and laminating so that this key can be used over and over, and/or sanitized between cohorts.

Winter Tree Twig Scavenger Hunt

Click here to download a pdf of our Twig Scavenger Hunt