Collectively the four OEE Specialists are sometimes referred to as “the outdoor ed guys.” At the moment we are in fact all “guys”, but it hasn’t always been so. We’ve had an equal number of women on staff over the years.   A few have gone on to careers in the classroom, both in our Board and elsewhere.  A few continue in the field of OEE  in various other locales, and still others have chosen different paths in life. A few names you may recognize include Sheri Ratz, Ann Currie and Anita Smith.  Jacquie Rashleigh retired as Principal at Grand View P.S in Cambridge, Terry Knight from a distinguished career in phys. ed. at CHCI.   Mar McBrien, Denise (Freure) Martin, Jane Recoskie and Shelly Galagher all made indelible contributions to the evolution of outdoor and environmental education  in Waterloo County.

Teachers visiting our portable classroom at the Huron Natural Area, and prior to that the Trailer at Bechtel Park will be familiar with the “outdooredgirls” who have worked there over the years.  In recent years you might have worked with Sandi Schmitter, Rosalie Griffith, Laura Ehnnes, Sharon Wooten or Anne Schletz.  One “guy” in that group is Josh Shea, now Natural Areas Co-Ordinator for the City of Kitchener.

We have been fortunate over the years to have some very talented, and knowledgeable outdoor ed staff – guys and girls – who have created for the WRDSB a reputation for excellence in our field.