WRDSB Commitment to Student Learning

Our students come first – each and every one. The WRDSB@Home website was created in response to emergency school closures, and these resources remain to continue to support student learning.

People, and especially children, have an innate curiosity and desire to learn under any conditions, and we would like to partner with you to support ongoing distance learning. You’ll find a catalogue of age-appropriate, high-quality learning materials and support for your family’s consideration to allow you to support your child in their learning. Please know, you are not alone in this and we are here for you.

How to subscribe to your school’s website

At the bottom of all WRDSB websites, you can add your email address to subscribe to notifications whenever news items are posted. If you wish to follow multiple WRDSB school websites, you will need to subscribe to each site individually.

Learn at Home from the Province of Ontario

As you know, the Premier of Ontario and Minister of Education announced Learn at Home (Apprendre à la Maison), an online portal that will provide resources for families, so students can continue their education in the event schools are closed due to COVID-19.

The at-home activities offered by Learn at Home provide quick and easy access to some of Ontario’s best online kindergarten to grade 12 learning resources produced by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) Educators. As part of the government’s commitment to planning for every scenario, the province is working closely with education stakeholders to develop a plan for scaling and building additional online learning programs.

Learn at Home offers all students high-quality, made-in-Ontario math and literacy resources, created by Ontario-certified educators, in both English and French. Elementary resources are designed to help young students learn at home with interactive activities that encourage participation through entertaining and stimulating digital content.

High school content was designed with a focus on STEM courses and ensures core competencies and skills are reinforced. The government is also providing access to course content for students who take the initiative to refresh and extend their learning.