High Water

I went down to the bridge at Blair Creek to check out the water level yesterday.  We have had heavy rain overnight two nights in a row.  All this rain caused a significant snowmelt, adding to the pressure on streams and rivers.  As water levels rose, the Grand River Conservation Authority issued a flood watch.


Blair Creek was in fact overflowing its banks, and even overflowing the bridge!

[wpvideo M2UTi1US]

Those who have visited Blair this year may have heard me talk about the importance of wetlands for preventing flooding and erosion.  There is a lovely patch of cattails in our cedar swamp which serves as an easy talking point as we walk past with classes.  But as human development expands, the remaining wetlands are sometimes not enough to prevent flooding events.  I wonder if this week’s water level in Blair Creek is at all related to the recent development uphill and upstream of us on Meadowcreek Lane?


When I went back today I saw that the water level had gone down several inches leaving behind sheets of ice on the shore and icicles on the bridge.  Today’s water level is still much higher than usual, but I’m glad to see it is going down!