Syrup Season


Al Woodhouse, photography innovator, composed this compelling photograph.

I’m thrilled that it is maple syrup season.  This will be the first week I am working with Al at Camp Heidelberg Environmental Education Centre.  Today was a great day for making syrup.  Warm daytime temperatures after a period of sub-freezing nights, means the sap is flowing!  Our first batch of syrup came off yesterday, March 7th.  With lots of sap coming in, we made two batches today, totalling 11 litres.


Total product for March 8th: 11 liters

Bright morning sunshine and the smell of woodsmoke kept our spirits high.  Warm sunshine keeps the sap flowing and also make the product look great!


It takes 40 litres of sap to make 1 litre of maple syrup, a ratio requiring us to keep on collecting that sap!

[wpvideo 8zF9Z05L]