For those students that cannot attend the grade 9 field trip to Wrigley Corners we have an alternative activity available that teachers may use and/or modify.

The students essentially complete the same handout but use pictures as their sample. ¬†This isn’t as much fun as actually catching the creatures but it presents the students with much of the information their classmates get while at Wrigley Corners.

Here is the alternative assignment:

(4) SNC 1P-1D Aquatic Ecology – Alternative Assignment_2015

For the abiotic components, values are provided and the students must read the information on the cover page to determine if the values are within a healthy range.

For the biotic part of this activity, students can use one of the following pictures.  They must determine species, count abundance, figure out niche and decided on adaptations based on these images.

IMG_0058 1




Have the students use the following Key’s to determine species, and niche.

OEE Aquatic Key_Al Woodhouse 2010.1

OEE Aquatic invertebrate Key_back_2010