Cambridge Christmas Bird Count 2022 – December 18th, 2022!

To see last years results check out our Historical Summary.

I will post an announcement on this page immediately if the count is cancelled.  We would attempt to find a suitable alternate date if this happens.

Instructions for the Count:

  1. Please use the following google form to submit your observations for the 2022 count:
  2. Please use this form to submit your effort (hours/distance/weather/etc…) for the 2022 count:
  3. Rare birds can be reported using the following cbc_rare_bird_form.  Please download, complete and then email along with any photo’s to the CCBC compiler, Levi Moore.
  4. To download a paper checklist click here.
  5. To see historical data please visit this page.
  6. If you would like a map of your area please find it here.
  7. Please submit both your observations and effort summary by 7PM on Sunday December 20th.  Thank you!
  8. From 7PM-8PM there will be an informal ‘drop-in’ virtual meeting for any count participants that want to catch up and share some highlights from the day.  The link has been shared by email.

Thank you!


Cambridge Christmas Bird Count Observations for 2020

As observations are submitted the results will automatically display below (usually within 5 minutes or less).  I have asked everyone to submit their results by 6PM on Sunday December 20th.  The final totals may change slightly as rare birds get verified but by the end of count day a good summary of the count should be represented on this table.  This year, if photo’s are submitted of rare birds I will post them here for others to enjoy.