Watch Outdoor and Environmental Education staff, Al Woodhouse and Sean McCammon as they tag Monarch Butterflies as part of MonarchWatch’s migration monitoring and population assessment program. Streaming from SpruceHaven farm in Waterloo Ontario, Al and Sean answer questions about Monarchs and their life cycle.


Monarchs are an iconic species of butterfly. Their striking orange-and-black colouration is unmistakable as they glide over fields and gardens. For a species that holds such a close place in our hearts, we are falling short of protecting them. Their populations have been in decline for approximately 25 years, and Monarchs are now classified as “Endangered” in Canada.

Monarchs live in Waterloo Region.  We have a role to play in protecting Monarchs.  You can help!


Over the next couple of weeks and into the summer, we would like you to help us find Monarch Butterflies and also the milkweed plants that they depend on. You can report your findings to the outdoor and environmental education staff of the Waterloo Region District School Board, and we will use this information to decide where to plant more milkweed in the fall. Your school may be selected to be a Monarch Waystation, where milkweed is planted, as well as other flowering plants that provide nectar for adult Monarchs.  There are twenty eight thousand Monarch Waystations in North America, but only one in Waterloo!  With your help we can make at least a couple more.

For full instructions on how to participate visit this page.

Submit your results here.


Individuals – Students, teachers, and the Waterloo community

We are in a race against time to save Monarchs.  Are you ready? While saving species at risk of extinction is not a game, we have decided to incentivize this citizen science initiative with badges.

You have the opportunity to earn badges based on whether you have found Monarchs, milkweed plants, and even Monarch eggs and larvae.  You have three months to earn all five!

Earn a badge for each life cycle stage you submit to MonarchMadness.  Can you get them all?  We will email you your badges as you earn them.

Here are the badges, each features a beautiful photo by our very own Al Woodhouse.

Schools – Waterloo Region District School Board

(if your school is not part of the WRDSB but would like to participate anyway please contact on OEE staff member).

We are also going to keep a leaderboard on our website to show which schools have the most participants.  There will be a special reward for the school with the most participants!

In September, every school will get a poster with a badge that commemorates the level of participation they had.

Here is the poster:

The badges a school earns are based on the number of participants.  Your school can earn our most exclusive badge, the adult Monarch, by getting forty or more participants to submit an observation!  Check out the badges below.


If you are up for the challenge check some of the resources on this website, figure out how to identify Milkweed and tell a Monarch from a Viceroy.  When you are ready, take a walk through your neighbourhood and record what you see.

Submit your results here.


Check out our Resources page for identification guides, badge collector pages and recommended digital resources.

Thank you!