Monster Trees in Waterloo

Which Species was the biggest?

Figure 1. Maximum Size by Species: This chart compares the largest tree circumference for each species. According to international convention, a tree’s circumference should be measured 140 centimetres above ground level. If a tree trunk splits into two stems below 140 centimetres, then each stem is to be counted as two separate trees. The largest willow trees reported to MonsterTrees split below this height.  An unknown species of tree was reported to be 6 metres in circumference. Once we verify the species, we will update this chart.

Which tree was reported the most?

Figure 2: Most frequently reported species to MonsterTrees.  Sugar Maple was the most reported species. Most of the forest in Waterloo Region is considered to be ‘maple-beech forest.’  So why were Red Oak and Willow the second-most reported species?