Here are a couple resources that can be printed and or shared with students and teachers.

Backyard Bird Count Ethics 2021 – Bulleted

Backyard Bird Count Instructions 2021

Backyard Bird Count Parent Communication 2021

Backyard bird count 2021 Checklist




Here is an easy way to teach your students about the birds to expect in on the Backyard Bird Count (click on the image below to download your own copy of the google sheet you will need to run this activity with your class).

To play this game virtually:

1) Share this google doc with students and have them pick a bingo sheet,

2) In your virtual meeting demonstrate how to use the bingo markers and review the rules (5 in a row wins),

3) Share your screen using this google sheet (tab:picker),

4) Randomly pick the next bird by recording the name of the current slide at the bottom of the sheet (this is handy as a way of recording which birds have been played),

5) Play through the deck.

If you need more bingo sheets the google sheet (tab:Bingo Sheet Generator) can be used.  The Data tab in the google sheet has neat nature facts to share with your class for each bird species.

BONUS: For younger grades you can use these sheets for Backyard Bird Scavenger Hunts!