…but will be back!

Watch the live finale of MONSTER TREES!  Watch as we wrangle the beast!  See the official unveiling of Waterloo Region’s LARGEST tree, as found by you, the students of the Waterloo Region District School Board!  Epic!


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This live event was meant to be short.  However, there were so many great questions posted in the chat that we had to make a FAQ page.  Check it out to see our answers to your questions about MONSTER TREES.

For details about the Monster Tree Challenge and related material check out the official Monster Trees page.

We like Monster Trees so much we are going to do a series of follow up videos so stay tuned!  Be sure to follow us on twitter @outdoor_ed and check back in on our news page.


“The date and time of the livestream don’t work for my class? Can I still participate?”

Yes. Students can submit questions at any time using the “QUESTIONS” button.  The recorded version of the livestream will be available to watch within two hours of the broadcast.

“Where can I find the recorded version of the livestream?”

The video will be available on this page following the livestream event.  You can also find it on our YouTube channel.

“What is the target audience of the livestream?”

We are hoping to provide an informative and entertaining livestream event for students of all grade levels.  This livestream works for both distance learners and in-person classes.  If you are screening the livestream in a classroom, please make sure you have speakers connected to your device.

“What is the best way for me to engage my learners in this event?”

Students can submit questions during the event directly in the chat.  Sometimes we ask questions of our those watching the live stream and we suggest submitting your answers into the chat.