Tree Carbon Calculator

Trees do many things for us, provide shade on a hot day, hold soil in place, produce food, release oxygen and capture carbon dioxide to name a few. At a time when we are worried about the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere it is important to remember that there are nature based solutions […]

Print Resources

Print Resources Monster Trees Printable Submission Form Monster Tree Leaf Key Monster Tree Bark ID Key Dichotomous Tree ID Key (Intermediate) Technical Key for Secondary Students (Deciduous) Calculating Carbon – Inside Education – 2022 Take-home paper submissions For those teachers looking to assign their students this activity for homework, or for Cohort D distance learners, […]


Looking for the livestream? Go to our Outdoor Ed Live Page.  Or go directly to YouTube. Waterloo Region has some big trees. You might even call them MONSTROUSLY HUGE! We want your help finding them. During the Month of October (2020) we challenged WRDSB students to find and document the biggest trees in their neighborhood.  […]