Whimsical Wednesday: Obstacle Course

To build an obstacle course, indoors or outdoors, that requires some kind of specific movement to get through the course, or a combination of movements, such as, running, hopping, jumping, balancing something on your head, doing the crab walk or bear walk, and so on.

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Window Wednesday

Evidence shows that laughter makes you feel good. Did you know that humour helps you keep a positive, optimistic outlook through difficult situations?

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The Remainders Game

Build a deeper understanding of the division operation and remainders. Divide using a variety of tools and strategies.

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Measuring Shoes

Make a paper ruler like the one attached or cut out the one attached. Have your child use the paper ruler to measure the lengths of different shoes in your home. Have your child record the measurements on the attached sheet or on a piece of paper.

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Poisson d’avril!

What does Poisson d’avril mean?

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Poetry is everywhere

Found poetry is created by taking words and phrases from a variety of ‘found sources’ and reframing them to create new meaning.

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Responding to Reading

Think about what you have been reading over the past few days. Was there a story or scene from your reading that captured your imagination?

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April Fool’s Day

Laughing makes us feel good! April Fools’ Day is a fun day to play practical jokes or to tell some jokes or funny stories.

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Rolling Fractions

The game, Rolling Fractions!, is a mixed number addition game. Print it out and mix it up! No foolin’!

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Écouter un Balado

Aimes-tu écouter les balados? Connais-tu des autres balados en français que tu aimerais partager avec les autres jeunes de ton âge?

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