Gr. 4 Habitat Comparisons

Habitats and Communities Home Sweet Home Students investigate how the needs of specific plants or animals (e.g., for food, water, shelter) are met in various habitats. Students collect data (e.g., temperature, wind speed, solar energy, soil moisture) related to plant and animal inhabitants.

Gr. 4 Winter Birds

Habitats and Communities A variety of activities help students learn about birds, their habitats, structural adaptations, food-chain roles, bird classification, and the impact of humans on animal populations and the environment.  During a hike, students observe and identify birds using binoculars, and feed chickadees.

Introducing Sally and Amanda

VIDEO: Click to view our salamanders in action!

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Outdoor and Environmental Education

Winter 2022 The Outdoor and Environmental Education specialists have been hard at work despite the continued uncertainty of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Here are some of our projects and initiatives: Monarch Waystations – We have been enlisting students to help plan & install these pollinator habitats at school sites throughout 2021-2022.  Wildflower seeding and waystation installation […]


Teachers: Looking for trip planning information?  Try the sidebar on the left or click here. The Centre Blair Outdoor Education Centre is located in the Grand River watershed, on the Haldimand tract, and on the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe and Neutral Peoples.  We provide nature-based experiential curriculum-linked programming for students. Classes visit for […]

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