Gr. 4 Pond Study

Habitats and Communities Students collect and identify pond invertebrates, and classify them according to their food-chain roles.  They also collect data on pond plants and physical properties such as air and water. As Blair Outdoor Education Centre does not have a pond on the property, this program takes place off site at Countryside Camp.  Teachers […]

Gr. 4 Habitat Comparisons

Habitats and Communities Home Sweet Home Students investigate how the needs of specific plants or animals (e.g., for food, water, shelter) are met in various habitats. Students collect data (e.g., temperature, wind speed, solar energy, soil moisture) related to plant and animal inhabitants.

Gr. 4 Winter Birds

Habitats and Communities A variety of activities help students learn about birds, their habitats, structural adaptations, food-chain roles, bird classification, and the impact of humans on animal populations and the environment.  During a hike, students observe and identify birds using binoculars, and feed chickadees.

Grade 4-6 Orienteering

In this program students will use a series of maps to find their ways around the Laurel Creek classroom, nature centre, and property. Attention will be paid to using a legend and finding landmarks. Notes for teachers: This program is often scheduled for November/December/April when conditions can be cold/wet/windy. Students should wear warm clothing and […]

Grade 4 Winter Birds

Students will be introduced to birds and the adaptations that allow them to survive in different habitats. We will go for a hike with binoculars and find as many birds as we can that overwinter in our area. We will post our sightings on Students will also have the opportunity to feed chickadees by […]

Grade 4 Honeybees

Students will begin by viewing an in-class Powerpoint presentation on honeybees. After the slideshow, half of the class will visit our beehives, and half will play a bee game. Then we will switch. We will finish the program by tasting some of the honey our bees have made. Notes for teachers: If you could have the class divided […]

Grade 4 Pond Study

Following an in-class introduction, students will visit one of our ponds, collecting tadpoles, dragonfly nymphs, minnows and leeches. Students will bring the animals back to tables and identify them. Each student will receive a small pond booklet in which to circle animals and build food-chains. If time allows, we will also play an outdoor pond game. […]