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For teachers that would like to get their classes involved in the Winter Bird Count, here are a few resources to get you going. Kindergarten Winter Birds Curricular Connections Grade 1 Winter Birds Curricular Connections Grade 2 Winter Birds Curricular Connections Grade 3 Winter Birds Curricular Connections Grade 4 Winter Birds Curricular Connections Grade 5 […]


Join our Outdoor and Environmental Education Specialists, Al Woodhouse, Sean McCammon, Nathan Mantey, Levi Moore and special guest, Joe Bell, as they get muddy exploring the hidden depths of Heidelberg Pond. If you have a question about the pond ask.  We will answer as many questions as possible during the live broadcast. For more details […]

Teacher Planning Page

Prior to your trip… If your class is scheduled for a trip to Huron Natural Area this year you will receive an email prior to the start of our fall or spring session with your trip date. Once you know the date of your trip, there are a couple of administrative tasks that you will […]

Gr. 7 Stream Study

Aquatic Interactions – Interactions in the Environment Students work in groups to describe and record elements of the stream environment.  With the use of dip nets, students capture and observe the animal life, and describe both plant life and abiotic factors.  This program develops an appreciation of aquatic life forms.  Students also identify, classify, and […]

Gr. 7-8 Blanket Exercise

Blanket Exercise Simulation – History of Residential Schools and impact of colonization The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action #62 and #63 relate to “Education for Reconciliation”. The TRC text calls for: “Implementing…curriculum & learning resources on [the] history and legacy of residential schools…” and recommends a focus on “building student capacity for intercultural […]

Gr. 6 Tree Study

Understanding Life Systems – Biodiversity This program introduces students to differences among the species of trees on the property.  The program can be conducted at any time of the year, and can be combined with a half-day vertebrate or invertebrate study.

Gr. 6 Vertebrate Study

Understanding Life Systems – Biodiversity This program offers an in-depth study of some interesting aspects of vertebrates.  Program options include a skull study, chickadee behaviour, animal coverings, and a tour of the property to observe recent evidence of resident wildlife.

Gr. 5 First Nations, Current Context

Social Studies Heritage and Identity: First Nations & Europeans Students develop a deeper understanding of local First Nations culture and history, focusing on the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe First Nations. Students make connections between the history of interactions between First Nations and Europeans (such as 1613 Two-Row Wampum Treaty) and issues facing present day Canada.

Gr. 6 Invertebrate Study

Understanding Life Systems – Biodiversity In this program, students gain an appreciation of invertebrate life, and learn how they are classified according to their characteristics.  This program includes the collection, observation, classification and release of invertebrates, and can be conducted in variety of habitats, depending on the season.

Gr. 6 Compass Orienteering

Mapping – Map, Globe and Graphics Skills Students develop map and globe skills through compass orienteering.

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