Gr. 6 Tree Study

Understanding Life Systems – Biodiversity This program introduces students to differences among the species of trees on the property.  The program can be conducted at any time of the year, and can be combined with a half-day vertebrate or invertebrate study.

Gr. 6 Vertebrate Study

Understanding Life Systems – Biodiversity This program offers an in-depth study of some interesting aspects of vertebrates.  Program options include a skull study, chickadee behaviour, animal coverings, and a tour of the property to observe recent evidence of resident wildlife.

Gr. 6 Invertebrate Study

Understanding Life Systems – Biodiversity In this program, students gain an appreciation of invertebrate life, and learn how they are classified according to their characteristics.  This program includes the collection, observation, classification and release of invertebrates, and can be conducted in variety of habitats, depending on the season.

Gr. 6 Compass Orienteering

Mapping – Map, Globe and Graphics Skills Students develop map and globe skills through compass orienteering.

Grade 4-6 Orienteering

In this program students will use a series of maps to find their ways around the Laurel Creek classroom, nature centre, and property. Attention will be paid to using a legend and finding landmarks. Notes for teachers: This program is often scheduled for November/December/April when conditions can be cold/wet/windy. Students should wear warm clothing and […]