Gr. 5 First Nations, Current Context

Social Studies Heritage and Identity: First Nations & Europeans Students develop a deeper understanding of local First Nations culture and history, focusing on the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe First Nations. Students make connections between the history of interactions between First Nations and Europeans (such as 1613 Two-Row Wampum Treaty) and issues facing present day Canada.

Grade 4-6 Orienteering

In this program students will use a series of maps to find their ways around the Laurel Creek classroom, nature centre, and property. Attention will be paid to using a legend and finding landmarks. Notes for teachers: This program is often scheduled for November/December/April when conditions can be cold/wet/windy. Students should wear warm clothing and […]

Grade 5 Structures

Given a tarp and ropes, students will work in groups in the forest to construct a shelter that is large enough for their group to sit in. Students will sit in their structure for ten minutes with a thermometer and measure temperature. After ten minutes, the class will tour as a group and each structure […]

Grade 5 Climate Change

Students will be introduced to four different speakers (all me) who will give their opinions on climate change. The speakers will guide the students to make notes in a booklet to support their positions. Students will have the opportunity to question the speakers, and challenge them on what is being said. Some of the program […]