Students will begin by viewing an in-class Powerpoint presentation on honeybees. After the slideshow, half of the class will visit our beehives, and half will play a bee game. Then we will switch. We will finish the program by tasting some of the honey our bees have made.

Notes for teachers:

If you could have the class divided in two for the program, that would help organization for the day. bees and stuff 036

Students will need to bring long pants and a long shirt or windbreaker to visit the hives. If it is a warm day, students should bring their long clothes separately, instead of wearing them on the bus. We will have gloves and veils for the students to wear as well. Girls should avoid wearing ankle socks for the trip.

Depending on the number of parents and availability of co-op students for the day, you may be asked to supervise the bee game.

If the bees have been productive, we may have honey to sell.

We have only had one student stung during a bee program, and he was trying to squish a bee. Students (and parents) should not fret about the danger involved. Students are more likely to get stung by a wasp during recess.

If it is raining on the day of your visit, we may need to do a pond study instead of bees.