Students will be introduced to birds and the adaptations that allow them to survive in different habitats. We will go for a hike with binoculars and find as many birds as we can that overwinter in our area. We will post our sightings on Students will also have the opportunity to feed chickadees by hand.

After lunch we will play a bird adaptation game followed by the option of 1) dissecting owl pellets, 2) nest study, or 3) adaptations study.

Notes for teachers:

Getting on the ebird website is a neat way to see what birds people have seen in our area. It might tweak students’ curiosity before the trip.

If you have less than 25 students, we will divide them into two groups. If you have more than 24 students, let’s go with three groups.

Dressing for the weather is important. Bird-watching is not the most active exercise, so students need to dress warmly.

Laurel Creek Snowman