This is a full-day program that will combine a visit to our pond or stream, with the “Instincts for Survival” Simulation.

Most grade seven students will visit the stream as part of this program. We will measure the temperature, depth, and rate of flow of Laurel Creek, and catch some of the animals that live in the habitat. The type of animals found will help us to evaluate the quality of water in the stream.

The Instincts for Survival game will involve students playing out the roles of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores in a meadow/forest habitat. Students will attempt to find food and water, and avoid the elements of the ecosystem that would cause them harm. We will deconstruct the game in the classroom after playing.

Notes for teachers:

If students have their own rubber boots, they will be guaranteed to get a pair that fit. If students need to borrow rubber boots, we do have boots to lend.

There are four stream platforms for students to work on. If you could divide the class into four groups before coming out, that would help organize the program.

You will receive a copy of the stream booklet before coming to the program. Please ensure that your students will be comfortable with all of the activities (graphing, finding an average, long division, etc.). Each student will receive a copy of the booklet upon arrival.

For the Survival game, we will assign students roles at the centre. Our game area is a mixture of field and forest. It contains raspberry bushes, and buckthorn trees and lots of scratchy plants. Students are encouraged to wear long pants for the game.

Laurelwood stream