Gr. 12 Aquatic Ecology – Diversity of Living Things (Diversity Matrix)

SBI 4U – Biology Mathematic description of diversity Similar to the grade 9 aquatic ecology. Students collect living things from Golden Pond and quantify abundance. Students are introduced to the concept of biodiversity indices and use the proportional abundance of species to rank how diverse the pond is. We use the Simpsons or Shannon-Wienner Indexes. […]

Gr. 11 Chemistry of our Water

SCH 3U – Chemistry Colorimetric analysis of water quality In this half-day activity, students visit the Grand River, an Artesian well, and Bannister lake where we discuss local case studies of water contamination (Uniroyal in Elmira, Artificial sweeteners in the Grand River, and nutrient pollution in lake Erie). Back at Wrigley’s an unknown sample is […]

Gr. 11 Classification of Living Things (Microscope Study)

SBI 3U/C – Biology Exploration of microscopic flora and fauna. Students will use plankton nets to collect samples of micro-invertebrates from Golden Pond. The samples are brought back to Wrigley corners for examination under microscopes. The students will describe the organisms and create a dichotomous key. Organisms typically caught include cladocera, copepods, amphipodes, stentor, vorticella, […]

Gr. 11 Sustainable Forest Management

SVN 3M/3E – Environmental Science Sustainable Forest Management/Tree Identification: Students work in groups to compare the structure and function of two forest types (Uneven aged deciduous and even aged coniferous). Students complete a variable plot survey assessing the commercial and ecological values of each forest while learning to use common forestry tools (Biltmore sticks, wedge […]

Gr. 11 Advanced Map Skills

Outdoor Education A driving tour of North Dumfries gives us the opportunity to explore the use of topographic maps, compasses, and GPS units in a variety of settings.  The students will triangulate their position using landmarks, plot a course from one location to another, measure linear and non-linear distances, determine slope, decide on optimal routes, […]

Gr. 9 Terrestrial Ecology

SNC 1D/1P – Biology The Sustainability of Ecosystems – Ecosystems and Human Activity Students work in groups to study, describe and compare several forest communities as they hike a 5 km section of the Grand Valley Trail (Alps Hills). Our objective is to find the oldest, most mature, piece of the Alps Hills Forest.  Along […]

Data Buoy Project

  Water quality and the health of our aquatic environment is something we talk about a lot at our Environmental Education Centres.  When the weather permits we are almost constantly at a pond, stream or river with classes.  A typical program involves examining both biotic (living) and abiotic (non living) parts of the aquatic system. […]

Introducing Sally and Amanda

VIDEO: Click to view our salamanders in action!

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Busy Bees

At the Laurel Creek Outdoor Ed. Centre, we had a swarm of bees move into a wall on our deck. We tried to be tricky and coax them out, but after a few weeks, decided that a more direct approach was best.   After opening the wall, we found quite a large hive, with perhaps 15,000 […]

What lies beneath…

I have always wanted to get underwater video of the Common Snapping Turtle in the pond. Perhaps anticipating egg-laying, she has been hanging around the edges for a few days, so I took the opportunity. Check it out!

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