Gr. 11 Advanced Map Skills

Outdoor Education A driving tour of North Dumfries gives us the opportunity to explore the use of topographic maps, compasses, and GPS units in a variety of settings.  The students will triangulate their position using landmarks, plot a course from one location to another, measure linear and non-linear distances, determine slope, decide on optimal routes, […]

Gr. 9 Terrestrial Ecology

SNC 1D/1P – Biology The Sustainability of Ecosystems – Ecosystems and Human Activity Students work in groups to study, describe and compare several forest communities as they hike a 5 km section of the Grand Valley Trail (Alps Hills). Our objective is to find the oldest, most mature, piece of the Alps Hills Forest.  Along […]

Data Buoy Project

  Water quality and the health of our aquatic environment is something we talk about a lot at our Environmental Education Centres.  When the weather permits we are almost constantly at a pond, stream or river with classes.  A typical program involves examining both biotic (living) and abiotic (non living) parts of the aquatic system. […]

Outdoor and Environmental Education

The WRDSB WINTER BIRD COUNT is here! For details check out the project page. Our Winter Bird Count is modelled after the Christmas Bird Count, an annual event that has been organized for over 100 years. The Christmas Bird Count runs in late December and early January, sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Audubon and […]

Gr. 9 Aquatic Ecology Alternative Activity

For those students that cannot attend the grade 9 field trip to Wrigley Corners we have an alternative activity available that teachers may use and/or modify. The students essentially complete the same handout but use pictures as their sample.  This isn’t as much fun as actually catching the creatures but it presents the students with […]

Wrigley Corners

The Centre Wrigley Corners is a retrofitted two-room school that has been used as an Outdoor and Environmental Education Centre (OEEC) for the last thirty years by the Waterloo Region District School Board. The two acres surrounding the Building have been naturalized into grassland, pond and forest habitats, making it a diverse living classroom. At Wrigley Corners, […]

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