Wondering what a Monarch Waystation is?  Watch this four minute video of Sean McCammon explaining what a Monarch Waystation is and why we want your school to have one.

Monarch Waystations are an ecological learning space.  These gardens are designed to involve students in the conservation of our endangered Monarch butterfly and provide space for our students to not only learn, but also take action to protect our local ecology, habitats and biodiversity.  By participating, you and your school will be part of an international strategy to save Monarch butterflies.  These gardens are low maintenance spaces supported by the Sustainable Working Group of the WRDSB that come at no cost to your school.  Every Monarch Waystation is registered with Monarchwatch.org an international leader in the effort to monitor and conserve Monarch Butterflies.


We want every school in the Waterloo Region District School Board to have a Monarch Waystation, but need your help finding the best location.  The best space will meet these criteria:

For CONSERVATION IMPACT, the location should be: 

  • at least 100 SQ/FT (though they can be larger)
  • receive approximately 6+ HOURS of direct sun 
  • be well drained
  • feature indigenous species (these can be planted once the site is selected)
  • be pesticide free

To be SAFE  the site should have:

  • clear sight lines  
  • we will provide the signs and 
  • our seed mix is student safe

To be ACCESSIBLE the location should be:

  • near or adjacent to a hardened surface
  • Not conflict with other property uses (snow storage, physical education or other educational/recreational uses)


To share your preferred location(s) please complete this survey:

If you have difficulty using the survey on our website try using this link. 

or this QR code:

Help protect our Monarch Butterflies by monitoring these ecological learning sites and submitting your observations to Monarch Madness!


First Monarch Waystation in the WRDSB happened at the Education Centre.  Check it out!

Day 1: Education Centre – Signage installed.  (April 2021).


Day 30: Education Centre – Site Preparation (May 2021).  Thank you to John Veit (Controller, Facilities Services) and Nathan Drumm (Assistant Foreperson, Sites) for taking on this initiative.