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Northern Reflections

An autumn dip in the pond

Winter Finch Forecast

Each year there are a few species of northern finches that begin to make flights south in search of food. These movements are called irruptions. If you are a birdwatcher, these irruptions can be a time to see species that might only be observed every 3-5 years, or longer. For the casual interest in birds, […]

It’s a Trap!

Today was day 1 of a citizen science project from the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario based at the University of Guelph.  The School Malaise Trap Program (SMTP) gives the opportunity for schools and nature centres to gather data on the arthropod diversity in their area.  Laurel Creek and Camp Heidelberg are also using Malaise Traps to […]

A Bird in the Pond is Worth Two in the Bush

Fellow Outdooredguy, Nathan, came to the centre to pick something up today. A quick introduction to the property yielded a Double-Crested Cormorant in the pond!! Usually a bird of larger water bodies, it looked right at home. We could see it as it swam beneath the surface and even watched it catch and eat a […]

My First Day…

Greetings to students and teachers! Today will be my first day as Outdoor Education Instructor at Blair OEE Centre.  I should first and foremost say a huge thanks to Peter Rasberry for his many years of leadership in the field of Outdoor Education.  Waterloo Region students have been privileged to connect with the natural world […]

My Last Day…

What a difference a day makes.  Today I’m gainfully employed in a job in the field of Outdoor and Environmental Education that’s spanned 38 years.  Tomorrow I’ll wake up to a new routine of retired life.  This is a day that, even over the course of the summer holidays, has always been “somewhere down the […]

Winged Jewels

The hummingbirds have brought us no end of enjoyment this summer as they visit our cottage feeder.  The buzz of their wings beating at 60-80 beats per second announcing their arrival, hovering with incredible agility,  constantly adjusting their position with precision as the feeder sways in the breeze, tongues darting into the feeder ports to lap […]

The Write Stuff

Each year, the enrichment classes from A.R. Kaufman come to Laurel Creek for a unique outdoor ed. program. This year we did an international trading simulation in the morning, and wrote poetry in the afternoon. Some of the issues raised in the morning popped up in their thoughts later in the day. Here are some […]

Long exposure with Fireflies

I went out the other night with the goal of trying to get some photos of firefly trails…  the moon was almost full and the fireflies were out in strong numbers.

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