That Chickadee Feeding

So, you’ve read That Chickadee Feeling by Frank Glew.  In this book, a child gets a wonderful feeling from a chickadee eating sunflower seeds out of her hand.  You really want a chickadee to eat sunflower seeds out of your hand.  What do you do?  How do you start?  It’s not that hard.  You just need […]

Outdoor Ed “Guys”

Collectively the four OEE Specialists are sometimes referred to as “the outdoor ed guys.” At the moment we are in fact all “guys”, but it hasn’t always been so. We’ve had an equal number of women on staff over the years.   A few have gone on to careers in the classroom, both in our […]

Winter Finches

Every year around the beginning of November the autumn low of birding in Southern Ontario arrives. Most of our breeding species have migrated south in response to a decline in the insect populations and the reduced day length, but the handful of species that irrupt from the northern regions of Canada have not yet arrived. […]

Journey North

Journey North is a citizen science website that tracks the travels of a number of North American migratory animals. The monarch butterfly is it’s “flagship” species, and their journey is nearing the end as many have now reached the wintering grounds in the mountains of Mexico. The migration is documented as people like you and […]

Our new (ad)venture

The WRDSB “outooredguys” decided that it was time to have a forum through which we can share some of the natural history news that we regularly do amongst ourselves, and occasionally with others through the Coffee Shop forum of WaterWorks. So here we are… The Outdoor Education Specialists – as we are officially known – […]

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