Why Chickadee’s take turns

[wpvideo dw4A8hYw] If you have a bird feeder at home you likely have Chickadees visiting regularly. ¬†At Wrigley Corners we also feed these birds by hand! ¬†Though Chickadee’s do occasionally have little squabbles I find them to be relatively tame visitors, certainly compared to the various finches they are down-right polite. Chickadees form non-breeding flocks […]

Potters trap! How to catch a Chickadee.

At Wrigley corners I band Black-capped Chickadees so that the students here can study the birds behaviour. Of course, you have to catch them first! I use a Potters trap in the Winter. Check out the video to see it in action. [wpvideo 0Z3EzcNU]   Check out my new blog. Chickadees of the F.W.R Dickson […]