What people are saying about ESU

“I am grateful to ESU, and I only have compliments for them.  They are excellent professionals and incredible human beings.  Here I learned very valuable things, but especially I have found great support that has allowed me to improve my situation.” ~C.O. (2023)

“All the instructors do an excellent job.  I was very impressed by their patience and continual encouragement.  I highly recommend the program.  Has given me a greatly needed positive outlook for the future!” ~J.R. (2023)

“This is a very welcoming environment.  The hands on approach in a small class setting lends itself to an overal positive learning experience.  I have and will continue to recommend this program to others with confidence.” ~S.S. (2023)

“Great communication.  Very welcoming feeling.  The team is very supportive.” ~M.K. (2023)

“I liked the fact that I could go at my own pace and was not pressured into hurrying up with my studies. Plus [the teachers] were amazing with everything they helped me with.” ~M.C. (2022)

“I really appreciate the way ESU has offered assistance to all the students.  Very welcoming environment and friendly atmosphere” ~J.S. (2022)

“My chances of obtaining and keeping a job now have increased exponentially as a direct result of attending classes at ESU. I am mighty glad I took that first step of enrolling. I am also very grateful to all the instructors for their unwavering support.” ~L.L. (2022)

“The teachers here are very kind and determined to help with anything.  I felt very welcomed when I first came in.  So much positivity. You can tell that they love what they do and …want you to become successful. I would totally recommend this to anyone who has felt that they wouldn’t become successful to come here and feel that they are … worthy enough to achieve any goal they have for the future” ~L.N. (2022)

“My experience has been amazing.  … The teachers are so helpful and attentive.  I enjoy coming to school!” ~K.F. (2022)

“The one-on-one learning with the instructors helped me alot!” ~G.M. (2022)

“Everyone is so wonderful, kind, and helpful. The environment was very comfortable and welcoming.” ~M.S. (2021)

“ESU is an amazing place for anyone who is looking to upgrade…  Everyone is very kind and helpful.  ESU has taught me alot.  I have developed and increased my skills.” ~G.K. (2020)

“[I learned] many new things [from ESU’s Soft Skills modules] such as getting along with people, motivation, positive attitude, work ethic etc. I also really liked the idea of grit and bouncing back.” (2019)

“ESU has helped me work on my math skills and solidify my understanding as well as improve my mental math skills.  I would strongly recommend someone to ESU …” ~B.R. (2019)

“Great vibes in the classroom.  Teachers always try to make you comfortable” ~Mark L. (2019)

“The teachers here are enthusiastic, passionate, positive, and knowledgeable. You can tell they really love what they do and want you to succeed. They really helped me help myself and taught me many valuable tips and tricks!. Thank you!”~ M.B. (2018)

… one month later after transitioning from ESU to Conestoga College …
“I just thought I would let you know, after a few

 weeks of math and chemistry at Conestoga, I’ve been having a less hard time with everything. And I don’t hate math the way I used to. I even enjoy fractions just a little bit! Thank you for the help; your positivity with math definitely helped along the way.” ~M.B (2019)

“ESU has the most amazing team with the capacity to help each one with their own learning needs” ~ Luciana (2018)

“[The teachers] were able to teach me new skills that I didn’t think I would ever have.  They created an ideal environment where not just me but anyone can succeed  They made me feel accepted and want to come to class.  Without a doubt, I would and will recommend this program.  I cannot express … how valuable these past few months have been.  Thank you.” ~ Daniel (2018)

“The teachers at ESU were so helpful.  They have opened me up to liking to learn more.” ~ Richard (2018)

“I am glad I found ESU.  The instructor was very helpful, caring and friendly.  She was always ready to answer my questions.  The booklets provided were very clear and easy to understand.  I am very grateful for this opportunity … to improve my  skills to be ready for a better job.  Thank you.” ~ Magda (2017)

“This program helps you learn the way you learn, and improves how you learn by not pushing you through but by giving you the stepping stones you need to succeed.  I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants to succeed …” ~ Will P. (2016)

“I have only compliments about ESU. All teachers, as well as volunteers, were excellent! The teachers and volunteers expressed understanding, patience, professionalism, and clear/concise teaching strategies. In my short but productive time spent at ESU, I have learned so much.” ~ Natalie M. (2016)

“The atmosphere is very easy-going and doesn’t promote stressful situations like heavy deadlines and make-or-break scores. They give you the space you need to really learn the information your way while still providing excellent support when you need it. I really can’t say thanks enough for their support and dedication!” ~ Marty P. (2015)

“I am very happy and satisfied with the program. It is run very well and I feel as though it has helped me more than I expected.” ~ Tanya B. (2015)

“I was worried about coming to class (I didn’t want to look silly), but [the teachers] are sooo supportive. They instantly make you feel at ease. They encourage and help you when you need it and even when you don’t realize that you need it. I’m so glad I came to ESU. I’m not only more confident in my math skills, but more confident in myself.” ~ Rebecca D. (2015)

“I had a great experience at ESU. Teachers are amazing. They are patient and knowledgeable.” ~ Caroline C. (2015)

“ESU is the best place to get one-on-one learning. It has the best teachers you can find and is just filled with positive people. If you are looking for your GED or even just looking to touch up something, ESU is the place to go.” ~ James (2015)

“ESU is a great program for ANYONE looking to upgrade. The teachers are great at accommodating your learning style, and helping you learn the best way for you! Thanks for everything.” ~  Nick L. (2015)

“Thank you for all the help. I appreciate the staff going above and beyond the call of duty to help me meet my academic goals.” ~ Frank M. (2015)

“I am having a great time learning here. It is a calm place to understand and solve problems I could not understand before. The teachers are very understanding and help students learn.” ~ Luke (2014)

“The teachers make your learning experience very enjoyable. They really boost your self confidence. […] I never thought I would be where I am today. I have learned so much since I started here. I have amazed myself.”

“ESU was so very helpful. I can’t thank [them] enough!” ~ Marni V (2013)

“… My letter writing has improved a lot.  I am doing things I would not have thought of doing before I came to class.” ~ Ron (2012)

“The atmosphere at ESU is very comfortable. The teachers are very nice, helpful, and supportive and want to see you succeed.” ~ Jeff (2014)

“I felt very confident [taking the step from ESU to college upgrading] because I had the tools from ESU. I would like to thank you very much for helping me get this journey started. Everything has a starting point, and I am more than happy to say I started it all at ESU.” ~ Jon (2012)

“If it had not been for ESU, I would never have believed I could have had the skills necessary to go to college.  Without their encouragement I would have never had the nerve to apply. Now I have the hope of graduating and entering into a career instead of just having a job.”

“Brilliant program. Very good teachers. For the first time ever, math is making sense and I am enjoying it!” ~ Helen (2012)