School Community Standards of Behaviour
School Community Standards of Behaviour ensure all members of our school communities are treated with dignity and respect, and follow the Ontario Ministry of Educations’ Code of Conduct.
Process for resolving parent/guardian concerns
From time to time there may be a misunderstanding, a lack of communication, or a serious situation that requires attention. When this happens all parties must work together to resolve the matter. As outlined in Administrative Procedure 1410 – Parent Support:

  1. Parent/guardian(s) with a concern will typically first address their concern with the teacher.
  2. If the concern is not resolved, the parent/guardian(s) may speak with the principal and the teacher together. If the parent/guardian(s) hasn’t spoken to the teacher, the principal will ask them to do so.
  3. The principal may request parent/guardian(s) to put their concern in writing.
  4. If the concern has not been resolved with the teacher and principal, the parent/guardian(s) may contact the superintendent. If the parent/guardian(s) have not spoken to school staff, the Family of Schools superintendent may direct the parent/guardian(s) to do so.
Balanced School Day/Elementary Nutrition Breaks
Elementary schools use a Balanced School Day schedule. This includes two 40 minute nutrition and activity breaks, instead of a single lunch period. Most schools post the exact times of these breaks on the school website. More information on balanced school days is available on the WRDSB website.
Character Development
Character Development connects caring to knowing, feeling and doing. There are eight defined character attributes that help guide character development in the WRDSB.
Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship refers to our online behaviours. A good digital citizen is someone who behaves appropriately and responsibly while using digital tools.
We also strongly recommend that you review the Responsible Use Procedure (RUP) for information on the appropriate use of school board provided technology. The RUP aligns with our school community standards of behaviour, and sets expectations for staff, students, and parents/guardians.