Creative Challenges and Games

For our final challenges and games day of the year, you will have a choice of three different activities! Depending on your mood, your energy level today, or your interest, pick an activity that motivates you!

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Monarch Madness

Our Outdoor and Environmental Education Centre specialists – Al, Levi, Nate, and Sean – are back and they need your help to protect beautiful Monarch Butterflies!

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Capsule Témoin: Jour #5

Le but: Préserver un mémoire de “qui suis-je” pendant cette période de confinement à cause de covid-19.

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Ma capsule témoin 2020 – L’entrevue familiale

Aujourd’hui tu peux faire la cinquième activité – L’entrevue familiale.

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Lettre à moi

Aujourd’hui on va faire une lettre à toi!

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‘Writing’ history?

This week we learned about how some think the name of the city of Kitchener should be changed: What’s In A Name? Locally, there continues to be controversy around how to honour imperfect historical figures.

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Celebrate Your Learning

The end of a school year is a time to celebrate the great things you have accomplished. Today, look back over the learning you have done this year.

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I Wish You More

Today, as you head into more time at home, and away from school for the summer, I want to leave you with some wishes that I have for all of you. I invite you to listen together to the book “I Wish You More”, written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld.

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Visual Patterns: Dogs

What do you notice about this pattern?

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Stay the Same Puzzles

The goal of a Stay the Same Puzzle is to figure out the starting number for each puzzle that, after going through all four steps, will end up staying the same.

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