Dear Families,

Starting the week of April 6-10 our new model of distance learning is going to start taking shape. Teachers are working on finding different ways to connect with students, and when possible, to help students connect with each other.

Parents and caregivers are key partners in their child’s learning. Children will benefit from daily support for their minds, their hearts, and their bodies. This coming week, you can expect to receive some initial information from your child’s teacher about what learning at a distance is going to look like. We encourage you to work together as a family to think about when are the best times to engage in at-home learning. We are aware that families will commit to different amounts of time and support for learning at home. Take some time this week to talk with your child/children and see what might work best for your family. Creating structure and predictability for your child will help to ease any anxiety and support mental health.

We are looking forward to learning together again!