The newest edition of Caring/Coping/Connecting focuses on how to use reflection as a means of strengthening feelings of hope. Reflecting can also help us feel more connected, as we have not navigated these difficult times alone. We did so with our friends, our families, our classmates, our pets, our neighbours, our country and our entire planet.

Staying connected in the time of a pandemic has been challenging, so don’t miss the tips to help you stay in touch in the Connection Section.

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You’ll also find a selection of helpful resources, including a selection of recent articles from the Greater Good Science Newsletter.

Don’t forget about upcoming community events, and the Lunch and Learn sessions hosted by the WRDSB Psychology Department on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 12:45 pm. Upcoming sessions focus on:

  • Creativity – Chicken Soup for the (Pandemic) Soul
  • Surviving Your Teenager
  • Summer Time, Screen Time
  • Preparing Your Child/Teen for Returning to School

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