The WRDSB’s International and Indigenous Languages program provides an opportunity on Saturday mornings for students to develop oral communication, reading and writing skills in another language, at either an Elementary or Secondary level.  Secondary (credit) courses provide 110 hours of instruction.  

Thank you for your interest in the WRDSB’s International & Indigenous Languages Program.  We have seen an increase in interest in the program and are working as quickly as possible to both process the many registrations we have received , as well as to staff the program.  As we work to organize and staff for registrations already received, we are pausing new registrations at this time (registration will re-open Oct. 4th).

We will be reaching out to families as soon as we are able with further information (week of Sept. 25).
For tentative site locations, please click the link below. 


Note – several language classes will NOT be ready to start on Sept. 30th as we continue working to recruit, interview and on-board new teaching staff. Emails are being sent to those families that will be impacted – the hope is that these classes will be ready to start on Oct. 14th.

Please note that there is no IILP on Sat., Oct. 7th as it is the Thanksgiving weekend.


Registration for the 2023-2024 International and Indigenous Languages Program  is PAUSED until Oct. 3rd, and will re-0pen on Oct. 4th


click here →  2023-2024 International and Indigenous Languages Program Registration Form

  • Please register using the link above.  
  • Please complete a separate registration for EVERY child you wish to register.  
  • All registrants will be contacted once their application has been accepted and processed. 
  • Please note that there is no in person registration available.
  • Confirmation of your registration(s) and further details about location, dates, etc. will be shared once registrations are processed


→ UPDATED Languages & Locations for 2023-2024 



ELEMENTARY (JK – gr. 8):

  • Elementary classes are in-person and run on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 11:30
  • Elementary class start on Sept 30, 2023 and finish on Jun. 1, 2024
  • Registration closes March 23, 2024 (or earlier, if the class is full).
  • Please note: students MUST be registered in a day school AND be at least 4 yrs old before December 31, 2023 to attend the International Languages Program
  • Elementary Calendar:  click here!

SECONDARY (gr. 9-12):

  • Secondary classes are virtual and run from 8:45 to 12:30
  • In-person classes may be offered in some languages on a case-by-case basis, based on interest for this format
  • Secondary classes start on Sep. 16, 2023 and finish on Jun. 15, 2024
  • Credit courses are scheduled for 110 hours of instruction
  • Registration for full credit courses closes at 4:00 pm on October 13, 2023
  • Registration for half credit courses (2nd half of the year) – dates to be determined
  • Secondary Calendar: click here!


note:  Additional languages may be offered, depending on sufficient enrolment and the availability of a qualified teacher.  Generally, 23-25 students are needed to be able to open a new class.   If a language you are interested in is not listed here, please complete the registration form, choosing “other” under the language your child would like to study and then indicating the language you would like to see offered.

Secondary Credit Courses (offered virtually) are available for these languages (at this time):

Punjabi – Punjabi classes will not begin until September 23, 2023

please note:

  • courses with the last 3 digits – BDI – for students new to the language AND/OR in grade 9 or 10   (level 1)
  • courses with the last 3 digits – CUI – for students in grade 11 and some experience with language  (level 2)
  • courses with the last 3 digits – DUI – for students in grade 12 and experience with the language     (level 3)


Elementary Classes (in-person) for the following languages have been and may be offered again this year pending sufficient enrollment.



2023-24 Calendars:

2023-24 Languages & Locations:

Fees for IILP Classes:

  • If your child is a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, there are no fees associated with Saturday Morning language classes.
  • If you are living in Canada on a work or study visa and your child is fee-exempt at day school, there are no fees for a Saturday Morning language class.
  • If your child is a fee-paying international student in day school, there is an additional fee to take a Saturday Morning language class.  To inquire about this, please contact WRDSB International Admissions at or call 519-570-0003 ext, 4454.  Specify that your child is already registered in WRDSB as a fee-paying international student and that you are interested in adding a Saturday morning International Language class to your child’s program.


  • please contact us via email:
  • please note that this email is not monitored between July 1- August 21, 2023



click here →  2023-2024 International and Indigenous Languages Program Registration Form

Please complete a separate registration form for each child you are registering.
All registrants will be contacted once their application has been accepted and processed (mid-late September).