• Program runs Monday, July 4th, 2022 – Thursday, July 28th, 2022
  • All programs are online and will be delivered using both asynchronous and synchronous learning environments
  • Only WRDSB students currently registered in 2021/2022 are eligible
  • Registration opens March 23rd, 2022 and will close May 19th, 2022

For WRDSB students entering into Grade 7, 8 or 9 in September 2022.   This program, through both a synchronous and asynchronous learning model, will reinforce key concepts that are the foundations to success in Grades 7, 8 and 9.  Students will choose to focus on either numeracy or literacy for the four week summer program. Through authentic, inquiry-based learning, students will deepen their knowledge and understanding while consolidating concepts in their chosen area of focus. 

Any student completing Grade 6 in June 2022 – Course options:

6ENGNN (course to register) or 6MATNN (course to register)

Any student completing Grade 7 in June 2022 – Course options:

7ENGNN (course to register) or 7MATNN (course to register)

Any student finishing Grade 8 in June 2022 – Course options:

8ENGNN (course to register) or 8MATNN (course to register)

Grade 8 students entering Grade 9 in September will choose the Grade 8 option.


Which Students would be appropriate for the Literacy Program? 

  • Students who are looking to improve their skills in Reading:
  • Students who are looking to improve their skills in Writing:
  • Students who are looking to improve their Listening and Speaking skills:

Which Students would be appropriate for the Numeracy Program?

  • Students who are looking to improve their numeracy skills in number sense, operations and/or confidence in mathematics 

Expectations for Students

  • 2-3 hours a day of synchronous learning (online ‘live’ with their teachers and classmates)
  • Synchronous (‘live’) learning to occur between 10am and 2pm every day
  • Attend whole group and small lessons at scheduled times every day with their teachers and classmates
  • Additional asynchronous time each day (independent, offline) to work on reading and writing skills
  • 30-60 minutes asynchronous independent work each day 
  • Must have Internet access
  • Chromebook or other device compatible with accessing Google Classroom and other web-based Literacy sites
  • Practice digital citizenship while participating as a member of an online learning environment
  • Attendance will be taken


Parents/Guardians that are interested in this online summer school opportunity for their student should contact the students’ Elementary School Guidance Contact or Administrator.