Yesterday, we learned about the targeted killing of a Muslim family, leaving four dead and one survivor, a nine-year-old boy with serious injuries, in London, Ontario. This was a planned, premeditated act motivated by hate and Islamophobia.

This horrific act has impacted thousands of students, staff, families and community members who are part of the Waterloo Region District School Board community. We are particularly mindful of the effect this event and other actions around the world have on our Muslim students and staff, families and allies. We also hold space for the Thames Valley District School Board as they navigate the loss of a member of their community.

We are providing a few opportunities for staff who wish to share and debrief or just hold space together. We will be providing a space for Muslim staff and a separate space for all other staff. Locally, the Coalition of Muslim Women will be holding a community vigil for the victims and survivor on Tuesday, June 8 at 6pm. Registration information.

We are asking all administrators and educators to consider the trauma this may have on our Muslim staff, students and families. Students and families may choose not to engage in school at this time and should be granted the time and space to attend to their grief. Some students may continue to attend class, therefore, careful consideration should be made if this tragedy is brought up by students in class.


John Bryant
Director of Education