Two Games and a Puzzle

Today, you’ve got a choice of two math-based games and a puzzle!

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Choice Board of Wellbeing and Calm

Today is “Your Choice” day! It is important to provide choice for children as it helps them to feel like they have some control over what they do. We want to teach children to have responsibility and to think for themselves.

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The Ripple Effect

It might sometimes feel as if you have little to no effect on the people around you. Quite the opposite is true, however! The small decisions we make every day – to laugh, to smile, to share a kind word – create an impact that spreads far and wide.

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Capsule Témoin: Jour #4

Le but: Préserver un mémoire de “qui suis-je” pendant cette période de confinement à cause de covid-19.

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Ma capsule témoin 2020 – Comment je m’occupe

Aujourd’hui tu peux faire la quatrième activité – Comment je m’occupe.

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L’année scolaire

Aujourd’hui on va créer la quatrième page de ta capsule témoin.

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Taking a Look Back

March 13, 2020 was the last day we were physically in schools this school year. At the time, we did not know that day would be the last time in our school home.

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My Summer Writing Goals

Today, work with your parents or caregivers to set some personal learning goals for writing.

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Summer Writing Goals

Summer vacation is just around the corner! Everyone has grown so much as a writer over this year. Writing a lot is the key to continuing to grow as a writer.

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Fractions Jigsaw

Can you solve this puzzle?

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